"The Law of One"

Short Film On The Galactic Channelings of Ra

Below are the PDF books for free download on “The Law of One” Series on behalf of LL Research.¬†They will open in a new window and can be read or printed from there. The contents are identical to the printed versions of the same books.

What Does Success Look Like?

How can we evolve our relationship and use concepts such as the Law Of Attraction to bring success and happiness into our lives? Do we need money to be happy? How can we attain true freedom and help liberate others by following our passions in life?

I invite you to listen to a recent episode of Paradigm Shift Radio I was featured on, the topic is “Spiritual Balance in a Financial World.” Let’s explore some of these questions as well as delve into discussion about the mysteries of the pineal gland, the benefits of meditation practice, and much more.


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